Who Am I? What I’m doing? What’s my vision?

Hello! I’m Sowmay Jain. I seek to share what I know about Stock Market

I’m from Hub of IT (ha!) Hyderabad, India. I work full-time from home, making a living from my blog and another dynamic medium from my investments. Like so many other people, I’m on my Plan B career.

It was all started since I joined Quora: a Q&A site. I got a good response from niche audience for sharing knowledge about investing, especially the Stock Market. Since then I governed over 1 million (Yes! 6 zeros) views and featured as Most Viewed in +25 related topics.

Some of the trendy answers on Quora are as follows:

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What is the best way to become rich in India? (You want to become rich, right? “Of course, Sowmay. Obvious, that’s why I’m reading this blog” That’s great! And guess what, I have some excellent hack to help you understand – Why Rich are Rich….)

How can I start investing in stock market as a fresher with 1k INR?(So you want to start investing, Huh? As a beginner, I also asked the same question to many folks (whom I think can guide me) but what I got in reply is ~ Make a……)

I was not what you would call a “bright” kid.

I bunk my school classes. I failed tests. I scored mediocre grades.

But sometime around the age of 16 or so, I got fed up with myself and decided to change things. I just started caring less about what my friends are snapping at Snapchat and started thinking about who I wanted to become.

And that person was smart.

So instead of spending my time on FaceBook, I started scrolling MoneyControl. If my parents endorse me some money, instead of spending it on leisure, I buy books to furnish my finance knowledge. On the weekends, I stopped going to the playground and hung out at the library, reading books totally of my own interest.

Nobody told me to do it. I just did it. Because that’s who I wanted to be. Within a year, I was well furnished with more than basic knowledge.

Each and every one of us decides who we are. No, you may not be ready to be a popular investor now, but you can become ready.

The whole reason for dictating this trash is not to brag or publicly announcing myself, instead make you understand that you don’t need to be extraordinary to get extraordinary returns. Doing things simply is what drive great returns.

Till 12th, I did what I should do.

I mean, I score good grades, I do what my teacher said me to do, I obeyed the whole rigid system of education, prepared projects and submitted on time and at the end, appeared for exams and again, I scored good. The cycle carried on till 12th.

And most importantly (worst thing), I consulted many people (who are already struggling to settle their own life) before I took any career decisions.

After 12th, I’m doing what I want to do.

I stopped giving much emphasis on certificates, degrees and started pursuing the professions which doesn’t need any piece of paper to certify your talent.

I rephrased my whole future career roadmap and figured out what I should do to actually enjoy my every movement even if I’m working 9 to 5.

Here’s my decision:

Pursue something which is not related to degrees, certificates and all that similar shifts.

I was already a big fan of Warren Buffett. I started reading Investing books much earlier and all interviews, analysts reports etc.

And then one day, I wrote a short answer on Quora highlighting the books I read to furnish my knowledge as a newbie to Investing World.

Wow! It got +k views. Not much, but much enough to spike an animal inside me to do something different.

I already know a little more than basic knowledge about the stock market and something inside said me to share that tiny little knowledge with people who don’t even have that much knowledge.

Got some inspiration and gave a thought to start a website (a blog).

Here’s comes another story:

Exactly, 10 months back. I started my first website. I reached a Web Developer to get me a blog on WordPress self-hosted platform with a personal domain (not that yourdomain(dot)wordPress(dot)com).

Charges were extremely high. He quoted INR 20k to just build a simple WordPress website. Holy crap, I can’t afford 20k for just a website that I don’t even know – will last for another day.

It was desperate but I was highly desired to start a blog. Finally, I decided to do all that technical stuff by my own. I read many guides, articles, free stuff to figure out the whole picture.

It took me less than a single week to get the understanding of all the basic things to get started blogging and the result is my website is up and running till now.

Later, I also faced many problems like my site crashed once, lost every bit of content, I had to change my domain etc.

But whatever I did, I enjoyed every bit of it. I write Investing stuff, people read it, they appreciate and some criticize. More I got motivations, more I like to do this thing without any tangible results.

I also manage to get an enormous amount of visitors to my website just started 3 months back. Have a look:

Google Analytics
Image updated January 15, 2017

I don’t get much money nor I was not featured on news publications but I enjoyed every bit of my career work. I even work more than what a job person works but the point is I’m enjoying it.

Additionally, I got myself in front of million eyeballs. Here, on Quora, I crossed 1 million views and at a point of time, featured as Most Viewed in 30 topics. I know that many people have more good stats but just want to justify that Quora played an excellent role for giving me a platform.

Now, apart from Blogging and Investing, I also assist passionate people in building their own blog/website for FREE. Yes! it didn’t even took more than 15 minutes to get a basic self hosted website up and running. Goal is not to help people start website, instead save them from not get churned off by filthy Web Developers.

But the best part is – I don’t need to study much because that’s what I’m sharing on my website (Finance, Investing etc).

As I already said that I want to pursue things which don’t need a piece of paper to justified the talent so here’s What more I want to achieve (and all of them doesn’t compulsorily need degrees).

  • Blogger (Achieved)
  • Investor (Looks like achieved – Stock Investments are in 6 digits)
  • Author (WIP – Yes! am writing a book)
  • Digital Marketer (Personally achieved, as I promoted my website to a great extent without spending a dime on adverts & marketers)
  • Speaker (Not even started – long way to go)
  • Web Designer (WIP – learning programming from Treehouse – Front End completed. Back End started).

Maybe, that’s enough to perfectly live your life happily.

When I first started blogging, I was clueless. I had no idea how to start a blog. I could hardly spell HTML, let alone build a beautiful website.

Anyway, now I help people to understand how to successfully start Investing.

A small portion of everything that I make on this blog goes to religious charity. That has been a huge goal of mine for the last few years and helps me to find more meaning in the work that I do.

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook & Quora as well. Email would also be a good option – hey@sowmayjain.com (no stock suggestions)


About you

Why include an about you section in my about me page?

Well, because this blog is all about helping you govern your Investment Career. While I do make a living with this blog and a dynamic medium from my investments, I only ever do that by offering you ideas and content that helps you grow your investment.

There’s a genius inside you. And my goal is to help you find it and outrun market averages by a great margin – even if you’re busy, idea-less, or bad at picking stocks, like me…….jk 🙂

See, everybody wants to earn money from Stock Market – we just don’t know how.

If you’re like me, you’ve dreamed about becoming a successful investor for years then you’re at the right place. Initially, as a retail investor, I suffered a lot to find out the secret of beating the market and what great investors are doing that I’m not able to do. But finally with the experience of many years I figure out something good about stock market investing and now sharing it in the way I can.

Now, here’s the truth: Most people don’t even want to build a profitable stock portfolio because it takes a tremendous amount of effort (and, let’s be honest, some luck and sleepless nights).

But just about anyone can become a successful investor.

What’s the “secret?” You don’t need more information – you need a system.

Whether you’ve dreamed of becoming rich, or leaving a legacy, or making your livelihood from investments… you need a disciplined system that you’ll follow throughout your career to beat the crowd in the market.

It took me years to have conceptual knowledge of stock market but you can have it in less time by reading this site. I presume you’re far much luckier than me. I will let you know the best path. I’ll also help you to avoid usual mistakes as I been on the same road and attempted the same mistakes.


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