Brexit Fallout: Don’t stay out of market

I was watching CNBC and heard one expert saying “Investors should stay out of market when such a position (Brexit) happens…..blah, blah…….”

But according to me it’s the best time when you can buy wonderful companies at wonderful (cheap) prices.

I put my money on Tata Steel exactly at 300.


It was the top loser at that time.

I was lack of fund (I already have my many invested in many stocks) but still I sold Cipla to but this share at such a great drop.

Stats of Tata Steel are as follows…

  • Prev close – 333
  • Open price – 307
  • My buy price – 300
  • It’s current price (3:00 pm) – 314

There were many share in the list of top losers…..

  • Tata Motors
  • ICICI Bank (I was also thinking to buy ICICI but I already have this share in my portfolio bought at 216)
  • Axis Bank
  • Larsen
  • So on….

All are great buy at respective prices.

Also try to stay away from govt owned stocks at such situations.

Now let’s look over the reason – Why Tata steel dropped so much?

We all know that – BREXIT (exit of Britain from Europe Union)

Especially, Tata Steel was affected the most from this because….

And I was waiting for this movement since last 2 days, when I heard this news….

I also invested in Motherson Sumi at 276 by selling SBI from my existing portfolio.

You can see the position, per share gain/loss, % change of my orders as follows.

So I presume, that’s enough to clarify “Buy Top Losers Sensex Shares”.