Speculation is zero-sum game, but Investing is not

Is it possible to earn an average of 20% a month with a short-term investment in the Stock Market?

Yes! It’s possible.

You can even earn +100% return per month, per week and even on daily basis.

Trade Futures on high margins (which is maximum 10 times) and pray. If lucky, you’ll get more profits than your invested capital.


It’s not only how much you can earn but also, what is the probability of not getting the invested money back which is also termed as “risk”.

Recently, I talked to a friend of mine who earned 13 lakhs with only 2 lakhs of funds. This equates to bit less than 700% of returns.

But in another couple of days, he lost every penny he earned accidentally.

Nothing is impossible. You can do anything but the point, here, is not – what you can do or cannot? – Instead – what you should do or should not do?

You should keep your greed low and just expect a return more than next possible highest returning asset class that stands the equity return between 15% to 20% per annum, not month.

That’s the optimal return that you can earn from equity market with low risk.

And if you earn more than that then you’re lucky person earning more money with very less risk.

Remember, Speculation is zero-sum game, but Investing is not.

That’s it.